If I Should Go

Do not weep for me
Though I am gone
It was a strange visit in a strange land
Do not weep for me
For I am home
Save your tears for someone else
Don’t get lost in a slew of sorrow

I was caught up
In the twinkle of an eye
I was found
The twinkle in his eye—I was
He saw me and I was stolen away
Do not weep for me

Imprison my tear

Hold it captive
It belongs with my memory
Shut your eyes and catch it
Swim with me in yesterday
Please, never lose this
Keep it—let me live again in your mind
Lest you slay me each day, again
And again
I died but one day
Can’t you remember all the others?
Then let me live again
Hold a glare to the heavens

I can see me
In the reflection of your eye
Do not weep for me

But weep
Weep for beauty
For glory
Cry out for tomorrow
That we may meet again
Weep, ye grieving
Weep all who remain
But not for me
Only for beauty
For the day yet unseen

Let your tears roll like billows of the sea
Paint your face with tomorrow’s sunset
Let the dam burst and cover the earth
As the waters cover the sea  

Drink deeply in this hope
Go ahead and drown

Get lost in the horizon
You must there be found
Weep for love, wail
But for me—hold your tears

The moon whispers softly:
This light is not my own

[Found in old files I was sorting. Dated 2002.]

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