If I Should Go

Do not weep for me,
Though I am gone;
It was a strange visit in a strange land.
Do not weep for me,
For I am home.
Save your tears for someone else;
Don’t get lost in a slew of sorrow.
I was caught up;
In the twinkle of an eye
I was found.
The twinkle in his eye—I was.
He saw me and I was stolen away.

Do not weep for me;
Imprison my tear;
Hold it captive;
It belongs with my memory.
Shut your eyes and catch it;
Swim with me in yesterday;
Please, never lose this.
Let me live again in your mind,
Lest you slay me each day, again
And again.
I died but one day.
Can’t you remember?
Then let me live, again
And again.
Hold a glare to the heavens;
I can see me
In the reflection of your eye;
Don’t steal this from me, I pray.

Do not weep for me,
But weep.
Weep for beauty,
For glory.
Look toward tomorrow—
That we may meet again
At the sharp crease where time is folded,
Where day sinks ever into darkness,
Falling in a blaze of easter blooms,
Baptizing the world, again
And again,
Forever in a damning hope.

Weep, ye grieving;
Weep all who remain,
Not for that dark cloud of witnesses,
Only for that distant day
That dawns only in your vision
Through a small opening of unclutched hands.
Let the dam burst and cover the earth
As the waters cover the sea;
Let your tears roll like the roar of many waters;
Paint your face with the radiant shades of twilight;
Let the horizon run down your cheeks
Till you taste the salt of the earth
In the light that seasons death.

Drink deeply in this hope;
Go on and drown.
Get lost in a day that never arrives
Until night is upon you, at last,
Where, alone, you must be found.
Weep for love—wail—
But for me, hold your tears.

The moon whispers in the night: 
This light is not my own.

[Found in old files I was sorting. Dated 2002.]

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