The Reason We Do Not Need Jesus

The reason we do not need Jesus is because we are not guilty. It is our nature, whether persons of faith or no, to make claims to righteousness, to deny guilt. So we stand in defense, pleading not guilty, trying to fight a battle to defend our honor, climbing up the scale of human standards to plant our flag on the summit of Mt. Righteous. But we fail to see the tattered white flag flittering atop an age old crossbeam. We fail to see that God has let us win this battle; he has let us cast our judgment, our unrighteousness upon him, standing defenseless, wrongfully enduring the accusations that we wrongfully deny. The irony of the judgment under which Christ was placed is that through it he exemplified not merely a model of self-sacrifice that we cannot fully live up to, but a model of guilt that we always live up to…and always deny.

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