The Ditch Next Door

Lawyer: “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”
Jesus: “What does the law say?”
Lawyer: “Love God. Love your neighbor.”
Jesus: “Yep.”
Lawyer: “So who’s my neighbor…technically speaking?”
Jesus: “Some guy got his butt kicked and was left for dead in a ditch. Two passed by, another–a foreigner–stopped and helped. Which of the three proved to be a neighbor?”
Lawyer: “Wait…that doesn’t address my question.”
Jesus: “That’s the point. Well, who was it?”
Lawyer: “The one who wasn’t hung up on whom he was obligated to help.
Lawyer: [Awkward pause]
Lawyer: “I suck at life…”

Sometimes Jesus has to call our questions into question before we can get the right answer.

The Good Samaritan: loving neighbors = making neighbors.

The Good News: The God of heaven is making a neighborhood on earth.

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